Reflection on Creative Writing

To be quite honest I came into Creative Writing solely for the required English credits for high school. I never thought that I would enjoy writing as much as I have throughout this semester. I have definitely improved on my ability to write, and that is perfectly reflected on how well written my essays are for other classes. I am sure this important skill I have learned will assist me in my higher education, as well as the work force.

I have accomplished so much in this class. I said previously that I have improved my writing skills, but that is not the only thing that I have learned to do. I have noticed that the way I talk has become more complex with a more extensive vocabulary. This makes what I say more precise. I also learned how to write a successful blog and was full of excitement when I started to gain followers. This class has also taught me that the grade is not what matters, but what your piece is saying to your audience. My prime example of this is my SLAM poem. Although I did not get as stellar of a grade that I had hoped, it helped me release my feelings of the important issues that I saw in my high school, and that was freeing. That is why I chose to post it up on my blog. I understand that what I said in it is not found to be thatĀ attractive to educators, but it is the truth and the way I see things, which was the point of the piece. I can see that the skills and lessons in this class are more tha invaluable to my future, especially for writing out my resumes and cover letters.

Even though I have improved, I would never consider myself to be a great writer. However, I am very proud of the pieces I have produced, regardless of the grade I had received. I understand that owning your work is important, and it should reflect who I am, not what others want it to be. I can safely say that my biggest weakness still is grammatical errors, but I am sure that I can overcome this problem in the future. All in all, Creative Writing was a positive experience that I will cherish throughout my endeavors.