Leafing Home


As I gaze up at the trees,
All I can see are their leaves.
A sea of ruffling green,
Which is so pleasurable when seen.

As the seasons begin to unravel
The leaves go into battle,
bleeding crimson.
They are about to complete their final mission.

As each leaf falls one by one,
the season is finally done.


How it Used to Be


There once was a time
where we could settle things
without sex or violence.
Where things could be talked about
and never ignored.

There once was a time
where success was based on
hard work and merit.
Where the American Dream could be achieved,
even if you were poor.

There once was a time
where we put family first
and selfishness was a crime.
When the dollar wasn’t important
but family dinner was.

There once was a time
where we put our morals first
and our trust in God.
When everything was black and white,
and sin and crime where the same thing.

Yes, there once was a time.
But that time has changed,
because it’s all about ME! ME! ME!

The Truth About High School


You are an ‘A.’
I am a ‘B.’
She is a ‘C.’
And he is a ‘D.’
The rest of you are ‘F’s.

They claim that only the A’s through B’s have a chance at degrees,
but they must have an ACT above 23.
How ludicrous, basing success off of characters and digits.
A person is a person, not a number. 

This system is broken.
How dare they classify us as being a loser or a success.
Do they not know that there are different kinds of smart?

Book smart
Street smart
Business smart
Sport smart
Art smart

So why do they only say book smart people are the ones that are “smart”?
This is a disgrace.
How can they not appreciate the other fields of smart.
Will the educators ever be educated in their criticisms.
By the book is not the only way to learn.
This is my concern.

And Math

Pages 331 through 378 is due for tomorrow.

There is no sympathy.
Your other plans are no longer important.
They might as well not exist.
Who cares about your time with your friends, family or God.
If you don’t get an ‘A’, you might as well have gotten an ‘F.’

You must be perfect!
You must be perfect!
You must be perfect.

This is insanity.
Our lives are controlled by the pursuit of getting a degree.
We no longer can stop and smell the roses.
Instead we must focus on…

And Math.

They are preparing you for college,
when they should be preparing you for life.

You are an ‘A.’
I am a ‘B.’
She is a ‘C.’
And he is a ‘D.’
The rest of you are ‘F’s.

What is Water?


Sitting in a clear glass
ready to drink
filled up by the sink.

Solid and crystallized
Carved into with brilliant silver
as she zigs and zags
with speed and tranquility.

White and fluffy
A child rolls him to life
and uses a carrot for a nose.

An Olympic event
freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly
Trying to be first.
to get the gold.

The shipping containers loaded.
The anchor pulled up,
and the fog horn sounds.
The lighthouse is inbound.

The grass is growing green,
even though the sun is blistering.
A child runs through the sprinkler.
Oh what a summer’s day!

Wee Woo! Wee Woo!
The sirens sound
with smoke all around
they use the hose
controlling the angry blaze.

The Barter System

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Barter System.”

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

I believe I would fair pretty well. Being an Eagle Scout, I have learned many merits and skills. My education of course would indeed help as well, along with my various extracurricular such as robotics and Destination Imagination. Below is a compiled list of services I could barter.

1. Electrical Engineering – As a robotics enthusiast, I have a great understanding of how electrical circuits work, in fact I helped wire my house, giving me experience in DC and AC circuitry. I believe this is an important skill to have considering that we live in the age of technology.

2. Mechanical Engineering – My experience in robotics and Destination Imagination comes into play here. Designing machines and building machines to make a job easier is very important in industry today. Efficiency is the key word today simply because time is money.

3. Woodworking/carpentry – This coincides with my mechanical engineering skill, except just using wood. I have a good understanding and experience using wood shop tools and building things out of wood such as furniture and the sort. I know this skill is sorta dead, but it is still important!

4. Computer Programming – Although everyone stands in line for the latest tech, the software that drives the hardware is just as important. My background in robotics, Destination Imagination, and college experience give me the ability to create complex software solutions for making everyday calculations and designs possible. From Arduino to Microsoft C++ I can figure out how to program it!

5. General Repair – I love fixing and modifying things because I am curious about how they work and like to be thrifty. Being able to repair things from a busted pipe to a motor vehicle is invaluable.

Tankman of Tiananmen Square

tank man

You stand there carrying your bags
With a straight back.
As iron terror comes treading down the street.
You bring them to a grinding halt with an icy stare;
because you are a freedom fighter.
An agent of justice.

The showdown begins,
Man versus machine.
You refuse to stand down.
The tanks try to detour around you,
yet you move in front of the beasts.
Not allowing even one iron giant to pass.

You know you could be terminated for this civil disobedience,
but you know the terror they will cause if you refuse to act.

As you gaze into the barrels of evil.
You tune out the yells and commands of the engineers.
You refuse to quit
You are a soldier of peace,
A protector of the innocent.

You are the Tankman of Tiananmen Square.

Gameduino Console

My gameduino just came in the mail yesterday. This will be used in combination with a USB host shield and Arduino Mega to make an Arduino based game console. The controllers will either be PS3 or PS4, but I have not decided yet. I also ordered a VGA to HDMI converter since the gameduino only has VGA out and I would like to test it out on a television as well. I will be sure to keep you all updated on the status of this project as the parts begin to come in!