Tankman of Tiananmen Square

tank man

You stand there carrying your bags
With a straight back.
As iron terror comes treading down the street.
You bring them to a grinding halt with an icy stare;
because you are a freedom fighter.
An agent of justice.

The showdown begins,
Man versus machine.
You refuse to stand down.
The tanks try to detour around you,
yet you move in front of the beasts.
Not allowing even one iron giant to pass.

You know you could be terminated for this civil disobedience,
but you know the terror they will cause if you refuse to act.

As you gaze into the barrels of evil.
You tune out the yells and commands of the engineers.
You refuse to quit
You are a soldier of peace,
A protector of the innocent.

You are the Tankman of Tiananmen Square.

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